SAP SMEs on demand

This platform brings it all together for you.

The SAP SMEs platform can allow you to focus on extracting value from your core business processes while we do the technical work to build, test, and deliver your SAP solutions. And if what your core SAP IT team really needs is some extra help to grind through your enhancement backlog or scale up quickly to help out a time-critical packet of work, SAP SMEs can provide a clean, transparent framework to pull in the additional resources you need. When your business presents unique demands and requirements, you’re not alone – SAP SMEs can help.

Discover nimble, highly customized, affordable SAP solutions, backed and guaranteed by a seasoned SAP focused consulting firm that has been delivering SAP solutions across a wide range of industries and business sizes for more than 16 years.

Understanding your requirement

Qualified Solution Architect behind the portal.

Access to a global pool of experts

More than 3000 SAP Consultants in the network.

Selection of the right SME

PPP – The right Person in the right Place at the right Price.

Project management

SME Portal with veteran leadership coordinating activities to make IT work!

Cost advantage with a global model of off-shore, off-site or on-site

In comparison to traditional consulting, using the portal will give you a 40-50% cost advantage of using a global pool of consultants.

Upfront estimate before you spend

You’ll receive a full, detailed, and transparent review of the requirements and proposed solution(s) prior to initiation of work.

Pay as you go with no retainer costs

Payments are made against clear defined milestones or period as we progress.