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  • Who is an SME?

    An SME is a Subject Matter Expert who brings in-depth knowledge of a particular area of business and industry. He/She is thus able to guide you expertly through the multiple requirements that are a requisite for the smooth functioning of that particular business department.

  • Who is an Anchor/Architect?

    An Anchor/Architect is a seasoned SAP expert who understands the client’s requirements and finds the right SME for the job. He/She then ensures that work progresses smoothly as per agreed timelines and defined milestones.

  • How does it work?

    When you register, you can submit a request on our platform. Our Anchor sends it to SMEs who have expertise in the relevant SAP module. He/She then selects the best proposal based on time and cost. Your personal dashboard gives you complete transparency at all steps of the project, including project progress. You can communicate with the Anchor at all times, expand or modify the scope of the engagement, upon which the proposal will be modified and resubmitted for your approval. You pay only upon milestone completion.

  • Will my request be too small to handle?

    Small projects stack up! In the course of normal SAP operations, it’s common for many ‘small’ packets of work to be shunted to the side for later consideration. Once a number of these have accumulated, the workload can become intimidating. SAP SMEs can help to alleviate that backlog by enabling cost-effective delivery of many small projects quickly without taxing your core team resources.

  • Will my request be too complex to handle?

    Some projects turn out to be bigger than expected. Fortunately, the SAP SMEs framework is extremely scalable. And if for some reason a project turns out to be enormous, we’re able to tap our regular consulting staff to manage and deliver your solution.

  • How qualified are your SAP SMEs?

    Our SAP SMEs have an average of 15 years of experience in the SAP modules they specialize in. So when they deliver a solution for your business, you can be assured that industry leading practices are followed, resulting in implementations that work smoothly!

  • Is my module covered?

    Our SAP SMEs have deep expertise in every SAP module. Check out a complete list of all the SAP modules they can help you with.

  • How does my business benefit?

    Having access to on-demand SAP experts who can implement SAP solutions or troubleshoot any issue fast means that your business experiences minimum downtime. No request is too small or too complex for our SAP SMEs. Our experts average 15 years of experience, and our resource pool includes skillsets covering the spectrum of SAP specialties. Because we’re leveraging high-quality resources and a flexible model that can mix on-site, on-shore, and off-shore staffing as needed, we’re able to deliver quick, affordable solutions. Your personal SAP SMEs dashboard allows you to check project status at any time during the engagement, thereby enabling rapid ad-hoc reporting whenever status reports must be circulated within your business community. Finally, your business interests are protected through an NDA, and our SAP SMEs are vetted by IT Resonance.

    For a full list of business benefits, click here.

  • What guarantees do I have that your SAP SMEs solution will work for me?

    Our SAP SMEs come with an average of 15 years experience and are vetted by IT Resonance. Also, your team will conduct User Acceptance Testing and final sign-off, and you pay only when specific milestones have been completed to your satisfaction.

  • How do you maintain confidentiality?

    An NDA protects your interests and maintains the confidentiality your business needs.

  • What are the System Connectivity requirements?

    After the NDA is signed, we will need System access through VPN or any preferred mode of connection.

  • How and when do I pay?

    At the time of estimation, we define clear milestones on the complete deliverables. The approval and payments will be made in line with completed milestones.