How your business benefits when you
engage on SAP

Solutions across the SAP lifecycle

A constant flow of challenges large and small must be addressed through the lifecycle of an SAP implementation. Having reliable access to the right SAP expertise at the right time is critical to the operational efficiency of your business.

Get access to the right expertise

Take advantage of our team’s decades of experience and global network of SMEs to bring the right consultant for the task at hand.

Enjoy a cost advantage

The choice of resources from a global pool of 3000+ experts gives you a 40-50% cost advantage, with a choice of off-shore, off-site or on-site (only if you require it). You save on travel expenses and facilitation of resources.

Pay on clear milestones

For any job posted on the portal, you get the effort estimate first. You can make sure that it suits your budget before engaging the SME to work on the requirement. Payments are made only based on approved timesheets or milestones in the engagement.

Frees you to focus on your business

Tapping into our expert architects, experienced project managers, and seasoned SMEs to deliver projects small and large will augment your resource pool without breaking your budget, both insulating your core team and leaving you free to focus on your business.


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IT Resonance Inc. is a 16+ years SAP focused consulting business with headquarters in Chicago, with an offshore delivery center in Chennai, India. The senior management has 25+ years in SAP and we have a network of more than 3000 consultants worldwide. We currently provide SAP implementation and support services to multiple Fortune 500 companies across the world.

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